Buying and Selling Tips

Buying a property?

Working Out Your Budget:
First and foremost is your budget. You can go around viewing beautiful homes but if the asking price is beyond your reach, then your effort is futile unless you just enjoy the window shopping!

You need to work out your financial calculations , know your CPF contributions available to be utilized for housing loans, know how much is your comfortable mortgage payment per month, know the availability of various finance schemes.

If you are buying HDB flat, you must know your eligibility for either HDB loans or bank loan. Know the current rules in terms of housing grants and how to qualify for them.

Applying bank loan:
You can go to individual banks to apply or make the comparison rate yourself ; or
You can get Joan Bagus to process your bank application on your behalf (no extra charge).

Information required to process loan application:

1. Copy of NRIC
2. CPF statement
3. Payslips / Tax assessment

Location. Location. Location:
Once you know your budget, look out for location that suits your pocket. Remember you may not want to stay at the house you buy forever, therefore you must think, of the possibility to re-sell back in future.

How to find the right property?

Going through the newspaper ads is somewhat like drowning yourself in the floods of houses for sale available for you. Going through the individual ads and calling individual agent is no fun and very time consuming. You may not know the market well in that particular area thus limiting your negotiating power.

Remember, buying a property may not be as easy as you thought. There is no such thing as cheap and good. Although there are some good buys you may consider in a very unique situation.

How I can help you?

Cut the time consuming activities which you would do otherwise. Let Joan Bagus do the search for you. From the financial planning, getting the right bank loans, loan calculations, screening of the suitable homes to suit your budget…. All specially planned out for your convenience. With Joan Bagus, you can get your dream house with NO hassle.

Selling Tips

What you need to know before selling your property?

Financial Calculations:
You must work out the financial aspects first before you decide to make the move.

Know how much cash profits you can get after the sale of your house and after purchase of another house.

Know how much you are still owing the bank or HDB and how much CPF you have contributed to date in financing your current home.

All these information are vital for your decision making.

Joan Bagus can help you to do a financial calculation and planning for FREE. Call now for a no-obligation discussion today!

Marketing & Advertising:
Good and effective marketing ensures that you get the highest price for your property in the shortest time.

Using 15 years of experience as a Top Producer, Joan Bagus will specially tailor make a marketing proposal for your property.

Call now for a FREE marketing proposal specially tailor made for you and your property.

Dressing up your house:
First impression counts.
Like women who like to dress-up before going out, you should consider do some touch-ups to your house as well. Get a new fresh coat of paint if possible. Paint your toilet ceilings and drainage pipes.

Remove unwanted furniture. House should not be cluttered by unnecessary stuff. Do some spring cleaning at the early stage also to make you task easier when you want to move out.

Call now for the FREE Showhouse Kit specially prepared for you and your property to bring out the WOW factor of your house so that u can have the upper hand in negotiating a higher price with your buyers.

How to find the right buyer?

Getting buyers are not as easy as to answer phone calls that you received through a newspaper advertisement.

Screening the right buyer in terms of their budget constraint and their choice locations will not be easy for owners to extract this information especially in terms of their financial calculations.

Professional agents like Joan Bagus knows how to handle even the most difficult case tactfully, and negotiate for you the best price and best deal.

How I can help you?

No need to worry about handling calls in 24 hrs a day all by yourself. No nightmares guaranteed when you decide to engage the professional service of Joan Bagus. Joan Bagus will handle not only the selling part, and even plan for your next purchase and right up to the renovation and moving to your new dream home.

Call now to tap into Joan Bagus’ 15 years of expertise as a Top Agent and get all these for FREE:
• FREE Personal Financial Calculation Report
• FREE Tailor Made Marketing and Advertising Proposal for your Property
• FREE Showhouse Kit for the WOW Factor

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